Independent Garden Center Show: Small Space Gardens

Garden Soxx square foot garden planters independent garden center show 2009.png

Some gardening products from the Independent Garden Center Show 2009 to make gardening in urban and small spaces, like balconies, decks and patios easier. While they make looks like they are better suited for utilitarian gardens, like vegetable gardens, there’s no reason why these couldn’t be used to grow purely ornamental gardens.

The images above is of the GardenSoxx by Filtrexx which makes square foot gardening pretty easy. About two to three plants can be grown in the organic landscape and garden planters. They don’t have to be used strictly for square foot gardening, the website has a couple of videos demonstrating their versatility. My first thought when I came across these is that they would be great for a roof garden where you may be worried about planters being knocked over. My second thought is that they could be used to convert empty lots into small-scale urban farms in a matter of moments.

Home Allotment container gardens Independent Garden Center Show.png
The Home Allotment Planting Bags by Burgon & Ball out of Sheffield England decorated with containers made from twigs. The Planting Bags come in three types: Herb Planting Bag, Salad Planting Bag, Vegetable Planting Bag & Potato Planting Bag. Again, I great idea for those who want to grow some of their own food in small spaces like; patios, decks, porches, roofs and empty lots without worrying about large containers. They have handles that make them very portable.

Cable garden trellis kits Independent Garden Center Show.png

The Cable Trellis by Feeney Inc is a durable cable and rod trellis kit for climbing plants that need support can also be mounted to a wall if you don’t have space to install in the ground or large enough containers to use garden stakes.

Stacking Planters Container Garden Independent Garden Center Show.png

The StackingPlanters when you don’t have a lot of floor space a vertical garden is your best bet. There is also a model, not pictured, that can be attached to the railing of your deck or patio.

Square Foot Gardening in a Box Independent Garden Center Show.png

Square Foot Garden in a Box by Elanor’sGarden an interesting raised bed/container garden system that maximizes the amount of produce a vegetable gardener can grow in a small space. You can’t really see it in this picture but there is a small trellis that can be attached for plants that need support.

Grow Box containers Independent Garden Center Show.png

The Grow Box, not to be confused with the Earth Box, is another one of those self-watering container gardening systems that is popular with urbanites growing fruits and vegetables in small spaces. I like the support system which looks a lot sturdier than the wooden tomato cage I spotted recently.

Two more posts about the Independent Garden Center Show: One about pots & plants and one about various garden tools I spotted.


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  • Are you seeing anything for the outside equivalent to the vertigarden outside products? You can't find there here in the US anymore and they don't ship to the states.


  • In reply to KevinB:

    No, I didn't see anything like that at the IGC Show. But I wouldn't be surprised to see them around next year because this year, writers, designers, bloggers and gardeners have made such a huge fuss over "living walls."

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