Chicago TomatoFest 2009: Old School BLT's & Free Wine

Today is the first day of the BLT Bonanza brought to you by the people from Chicago TomatoFest and they’re having a Twitter contest where you could win a free bottle of wine from Candid Wines and Green Grocer Chicago. For a list of restaurants where you can eat an Old School BLT and for contest rules see this post. To read about the ingredients in your Old School BLT see the Chef’s pledge to use local ingredients and heirloom tomatoes.

If you bought heirloom tomatoes during one of the tomato plant sales this year mark your calendar for the Sept 10th Chicago TomatoFest potluck at the Chicago Honey Co-Op.

Update: 8/20:

Last night at I had dinner at Osteria Via Stato, one of the restaurants participating in the BLT Bonanza. I didn’t have a BLT but I managed to taste some heirloom tomatoes in a salad and as garnish. The staff and food were wonderful, I recommend this place.

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