Chicago Gardener Events September '09

September 2nd: Planting Cool Season Crops at the Garfield Park Conservatory Classroom. The classroom is located to the left when you enter the lobby next to the gift shop. You don’t need to pre-register for the program that starts at 6:30 pm. A $5.00 donation per person is suggested. For more info contact Kelly Katzmann at 773-638-1766 X23

September 5th: Artists Take ROOT series at The Morton Arboretum. This month Mike Caplan, ABC 7 weatherman will greet visitors and talk to them about his fine art digital photography.

September 7th: Last day to enter the Chicago Gardeners: Dirty Fingernails Photo contest

September 10th: Chicago TomatoFest Potluck Supper at Chicago Honey Co-op.

September 12th: Last day to submit your pics & video for One Seed Chicago Show & Tell.

September 12th:
“Drawing Into Painting: Cy Twombly and The Lurie Garden” (co-presented
with the Art Institute), 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Art Institute of Chicago.
Families will visit the Art Institute exhibition Cy Twombly: The
Natural World to explore the artist’s vision of nature and then will
walk to The Lurie Garden to draw the garden’s plants. They will create
a painting inspired by the experience in the Art Institute’s new Modern
Wing art studios. Pre-registration is required. Call 312-742-TIXS
(8497) to register. All workshops include a walk in The Lurie Garden.

September 19th: Garfield Park Conservatory’s 9th Annual County Fair.

September 20th: “Inspired
Garden Art” The garden is its own work of art, where plants take the
place of paint or pastels. Taking inspiration from The Lurie Garden,
families will design and create their own mini-masterpieces.
Pre-registration is required. Call 312-742-TIXS (8497) to register. All
workshops include a walk in The Lurie Garden.

September 26th:  Put the Garden to Bed celebration with NeighborSpace. 7PM-10PM Rancho Verde (Christy Webber Landscapes) 2900 W. Ferdinand Street Chicago, IL 60612

September 26th: “Rain Gardens and Why They Are Important”
gardens are a simple, proven and inexpensive solution to the problem of
urban storm water pollution. Sue Cubberly of the Rain Garden Network
will teach the basic steps to building and maintaining a rain garden.
The workshop is co-presented with the Chicago Center for Green
Technology. Please register for this workshop only by calling

September 27th: The Rogers Park Garden Group
“is cleaning out the yard, looking for items to donate to the RPGG
Garden of Treasures Sale & Fundraiser that will be held Sunday,
Sept. 27 from 10 am to 1 pm at Jarvis Square. Got some plants to
divide? Yard and garden stuff you’re …not using? Garden-themed items?
Art? Gift certificates? Gift baskets? Contact
and let us know what you’ve got and we’ll tell you how to donate. It’s
easy. “

If you know of other events, workshops, classes or local
fundraisers of interest to gardeners in Chicago leave a comment and
I’ll add them to the post.


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  • Need Help. I have never gardened before and, perhaps, my balcony garden was a bit more ambitious than I was ready for, but, with all of the failures (herbs, radishes, parsnips, zucchini . . . ) I was quite proud of the success of my tomatoes. Unfortunately, yesterday I went to harvest the first of our Mr. Stripeys and it was rotted from the bottom. On closer inspection I found many Mr. Stripeys with what appeared to be rotten patches on their bottom sides (where I could not see it until it was too late). One tiny green mater was completely rotted up to its stem. Others had large brown patches on their bottoms so I cut them off and threw them away . . . one was so bad it had grown as if it were only the top half of a tomato and the bottom had fallen off - like the lid on a cookie jar.

    What's happening to my tomatoes? Should I call the entire season a wash and a learning experience and whack them down before whatever it is they have spreads? Should everything go in the trash, including the dirt they grew in? so as not to spread it to next season? HELP!!!

    Morning My Maters.

  • In reply to BalconyGardner:


    You've got blossom end rot. Have a post about it here.

  • In reply to BalconyGardner:

    Art Institute Alum and Amazing Amateur Gardener Sadie Gerbic and her Tropical Jungle in Chicago

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