White House Beer Garden

Today, the White House garden turned into a beer garden as President Obama hosted Professor Gates and Sgt. James Crowley.

Who cares what they talked about and who cares what they drank. Look at what they’re sitting on. The outdoor furniture looks like something my mom would have bought from Kmart growing up. I’m talking Kmart before Martha Stewart.

In this video from CBSNews you can clearly see what looks like garden furniture behind Sgt. James Crowley.

Is that cast iron? Vintage? It looks nice. A lot nicer than the flimsy looking patio set they put on display for the photo op. I love the visual of the bartender walking up to four men sitting in furniture that looks like it could break at any moment.

This is indeed a teachable moment. No matter how powerful a man is ,when his buddies come over to drink some beers they’re not allowed on the good furniture.

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  • Maybe whoever set it up thought something with strong lines would show up against the dark green background?

    I'm not your mom, Mr Brown Thumb, but my green Martha Stewart patio furniture came from K-Mart back when Austin had K-Marts and it's totally beer-proof.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose blog

  • In reply to AnnieinAustin:

    Hi Annie,

    I dunno why they chose it but it is kinda ugly. I probably should have said that it looked like something you could buy at Venture (remember that store?) back in the day. But you're probably right about the lines and it probably looked less "girly" than the iron stuff in the background.

  • In reply to AnnieinAustin:

    I did not see a stupid police officer but I did see clearly a stupid "Harvard" professor and a stupid president. Stupid Vice President? I am not sure. He could have stopped this stupid soup opera.

  • In reply to AnnieinAustin:

    Let's stay on point here--I happen to have the same outdoor set in black. I don't know the maker, but it is aluminum and is wonderful since it is so light-weight. And it is very comfortable, very well designed. I would love to know it's origins.

  • In reply to modgirl:

    You have the same set? Wasn't the maker on the box or price tag when you bought it?

  • In reply to modgirl:

    Ah, welcome to blogging for a newspaper... if you even MENTION the president, you'll get people leaving political comments (sigh). When I was working for MLive and blogged about the garden on the White House lawn I got all kinds of political comments, but none about gardens! Anyhoo, I think the chairs look OK but not the table. Perhaps they wanted a white set because the area where they're sitting is quite dark? It's not my style but maybe that was the point: nameless, faceless...

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    LoL. I suppose.

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    I've got a soft spot for that old wrought iron garden furniture - it's very nostalgic. But I gotta say if I was a regular guy I'd sit on the K-Mart furniture instead of the garden tea-party wrought iron.

    And you know how it is, regular guys always sit around on the affordable-but-comfortable patio furniture in their designer suits and ties drinking their beers.

  • Yeah, they shoulda had a grill there. Although with smoke in their eyes they may have been squinting and looking mad instead of happy.

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