Daylilies Blooming at Chicago Garden

Blood red Daylily blooming in Chicago garden.png
It is daylily season in the garden right now and I thought I’d share some photos from the daylilies putting on a show in the garden. Most of these daylilies I don’t have names for because they were given to me by a gardener but even without names they are pretty nice to look it.

Double Flowering Orange Daylily in Chicago Garden.png

A double blooming daylily. Looks just like the common organge daylily I have, but as you can see, it has more petals.

Hemerocallis Daylily 'Fairy Tale Pink' blooming in Chicago Garden.png

‘Fairy Tale Pink’ I’m not a fan of pink but couldn’t pass these up on the clearance rack a couple of years ago. My favorite park of the flower is the greenish center.

Hemerocallis Daylily 'Siloam Fairy Tale' Blooming in Chicago garden.png

‘Siloam Fairy Tale’ another clearance rack purchase. I have a rant about this daylily and the mass production of hybrids, you shouldn’t let me get on.

Lemon yellow Daylily blooming in my Chicago garden .png

This one is one of my faves from the collection of hand-me-down daylilies. I’m a big fan of green and dark flowers, this one has a slight green color to it. When it is blooming it just commands attention in the garden.

Yellow Daylily blooming in Chicago garden.png

Maroon Daylily with green center blooming in Chicago garden.png

Peach colored Daylily blooming in Chicago garden.png

Dark organge daylily blooming in Chicago garden.png

Another one that looks like the common orange daylily but this one has very dark coloring in the petals

Salmon colored Daylily blooming at Chicago garden.png

This one I overlook sometimes when it is blooming because it is smaller, a little larger than a fifty-cent piece, and not as brash as the others blooming.

When I was given these daylilies I didn’t really realize how much space they would occupy just three years later. I’m going to devide and move them this year and maybe share a few with neighbors. 

If you’re a daylily nerd and know the names of these feel free to pass on the ID.

Do you have daylilies blooming in your garden? Add them to the Chicago Gardeners Flickr pool or place a shortened link in a comment below to your blog post showing them off.


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  • Pretty colors! Though I have a few of the roadside-type lilies (all gotten free from a coworker), in general I feel about daylilies as I do about roses: they're nice in other people's gardens but I find them too much work in my own. (I once had a client wehre I was pulling 300+ dead daylily stalks each day and it really took the shine off! ;-)

  • My current garden is actually at my apartment, and has many items planted by the landlord's mother and possibly previous tenants. My favorites are the peonies and the rose bushes, my least favorite being the orange day lilies... a huge clump of them grows in the shade by the garage and I think because of the shade they rarely flower, just sent up their leaves everywhere. They even grow in the pile of leaves that blow up against the fence from the alley. I'm forever pulling them out.

    However, some of your colors are just fantastic and I would reconsider trying some of those when I move to my OWN HOUSE in Oak Park in 1 week!

  • Hi GardenFaerie and Hawk3ye,

    I don't think I'd have these myself if they hadn't been given to me a by someone. I'm not that big of a fan of daylilies and this year I've started to resent how much of my limited space they take up.

  • Diane,

    A white one? I don't know if I've ever seen a white one. I'm going to have to Google and see if such a thing exists.

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