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White House Beer Garden

Today, the White House garden turned into a beer garden as President Obama hosted Professor Gates and Sgt. James Crowley. Who cares what they talked about and who cares what they drank. Look at what they’re sitting on. The outdoor furniture looks like something my mom would have bought from Kmart growing up. I’m talking... Read more »

A Garden in Chicago Growing "Hope"

On the corner of Wood and Polk Streets in the middle of the University of Illinois at Chicago medicinal center hope grows alongside the periwinkle, aloe and may apple. Situated next to the College of Pharmacy, the Dorothy Bradley Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden was constructed and is maintained in memory of Dorthy Bradley Atkins, who... Read more »

Garden Path Ideas

The path in my small urban garden wasn’t really planned, it grew out of necessity and convenience. Before I started my garden everyone in the family cut across our “lawn” from the front stairs to the gangway to reach the side and back of the house. Once I started putting in plants I noticed that... Read more »

Blooming In My Garden 7/26/2009

Some photos of the things blooming in my garden. The photo above is of purple Liatris commonly known as Blazing Star or Gay Feather. It has been a Bumblebee magnet in the garden this year and I have to make note to plant more of these bulbs in the garden.  Echinacea ‘Magnus’ has larger than... Read more »

Garden Bugs at Chicago Garden

Right off the bat I want it to be known that I’m not an entomologist but I’ve managed to identify these few bugs in my garden in Chicago based on Google searches and looking at books. If you find something wrong with an ID of mine, please feel free to speak up and correct me.... Read more »

Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

One of the sunflowers in my garden has already gone to seed. I can tell this because birds have begun to take take chunks out of the seed head even before all of the seeds have had a chance to develop. This seed head itself is still a couple of weeks away from being ready... Read more »

Urban Foraging

Recently while grocery shopping I came across a homeless man who was foraging, for lack of a better term, in the produce section of the grocery store. Soon I was following the man as he walked around and ate, heartily, from the displays of fruits and vegetables. Other people in the store didn’t register him... Read more »

Daylilies Blooming at Chicago Garden

It is daylily season in the garden right now and I thought I’d share some photos from the daylilies putting on a show in the garden. Most of these daylilies I don’t have names for because they were given to me by a gardener but even without names they are pretty nice to look it.... Read more »

Prickly Pear Cactus and Nopales

Opuntia humifusa is a cactus native to the U.S. It has a clump-forming growth pattern. The flowers are a beautiful yellow with slightly reddish center and flat, green pads that have clusters of barbed bristles. I’ve been thinking of growing it ever since I spotted it at the Rick Bayless urban/edible garden. I don’t really... Read more »

Butterfly Photography at Chicago Garden

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a professional photographer, but every once in a while I take a photograph in the garden that I like. Last week was a pretty good day for butterfly photography in the garden. I managed to get a couple of photographs of butterflies that I liked. Here... Read more »