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Growing Home is a non-profit urban agriculture business in Chicago. They provide job training in the horticulture field to homeless and low-income people in Chicago. On June 11, they are having their 7th Annual benefit at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Over on GapersBlock they are giving away two tickets to the event which will feature food from famous local chefs & eateries and a keynote address by Rick Bayless. The rules to qualify to win the tickets look pretty simple; post a picture on the GapersBlock flickr
pool and tag it “growinghome” by Sunday, June 7th at noon CDT. The post on the giveaway says that they’re giving points for creativity and what is more creative than an urban farm?

BTW, I just toured Rick’s urban/edible garden on Saturday with a group of garden bloggers and it is pretty awesome. I’ll post pictures of it soon.


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  • MBT - I wonder if I'd have a chance with my giant romanesco broccoli from last year? It never had any actual broccoli, but it was beatiful. Huge, beautiful blue leaves and nearly 4 feet tall.

    Thanks for passing this on. I'll definately enter SOMETHING.

  • In reply to ginthom:


    I think you might have a chance. I'm thinking of entering a pic of Rick Bayless' garden. :0) I see nothing in the rules that it has to be something YOU'RE doing just something that shows your commitment. I think paying to see an urban farm shows a commitment, right?

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