Chicago Farmers Markets

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A list of Chicago’s farmers markets that get the MrBrownThumb Seal of Approval* and you should visit them now that the weather is cooperating. If you have a favorite I didn’t include make a case for it in the comments and I’ll add it. 

Chicago Downtown Farmstand
66 E. Randolph Street
M-F 11AM-7PM Saturday 11AM-4PM
See my post Chicago Downtown Farmstand

Daley Plaza Farmers Market
50 W. Washington
Every Thursday ’til October 15th 7Am-3PM

Logan Square Farmers Market
N Milwaukee Ave & W Logan Blvd
Every Sunday from June ’til October. 10AM-3PM

Farmer Fridays @ Uncommon Ground
1401 W. Devon Ave. In the parking lot of restaurant & Organic Rooftop Farm
Every Friday 4PM-8PM

Lincoln Park Farmers Market
Armitage Ave. & Orchard St.
Every Saturday ’til October 31st. 7AM-2PM

61st Street Farmers Market
6100 S. Blackstone
Every Saturday ’til October 31st 9AM-2PM

Bronzeville Community Market
4400 S Cottage Grove
Every Saturday ’til October 31st. 8AM-1PM

City Farm Heirloom Tomato Stand
1204 N. Clybourn Ave.
Every Monday-Saturday ’til October 31st. M-F 3PM-6PM Sat 10AM-1PM

Pilsen Community Market
1800 S. Halsted
Every Sunday ’til September 27th. 9AM-2PM

Independence Park Farmers Market
Independence Park along Irving Park Rd
Every other Sunday ’til October 11th 9AM-1PM

The Chicago Botanic Garden Farmers’ Market
First and third Sunday of the month. 9AM-2PM

Oak Park Farmers Market
460 Lake Street.
Saturday’s 7AM-1PM

*There is no MrBrownThumb Seal of Approval–there isn’t even a sticker, I just made it up. Want to read something funny? Check out the post on farmers markets on, it is hilarious, and then go to a farmers market and talk about Fast Food Nation or pick someone up– don’t forget to mention Food Inc. & Michael Pollan. I impressed (perhaps shocked is a better word) a couple of people during my visit to the organic rooftop farm when I knew about Food Inc. and who Michael Pollan was


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  • As usual, I'm really impressed how green a big city like Chicago is. Detroit does have one very large farmer's market, but as far as I know, it's that ONE. Ann Arbor has one and Ypsilanti has two. Erm, in case you were wondering.

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    Garden Faerie,

    Speaking of Detroit there was recently some really good news about it that I posted to Twitter. The World's Largest Urban Farm is planned for Detroit:

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:


    I think I've only been to the one in Federal Plaza once or twice. I'm more of a Daley Plaza kind of guy because I get to slide on the Picasso. The next time I'm at the ones in the Loop I'm going to do a poll of organic vendors. It will be interesting to see what the results are.

    The tax thing had never occurred to me, before! I've been buying a lot of veggies and garden plants off of the back of a truck lately because you couldn't beat the prices. Now I feel guilty.

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    Not sure if you are confining your list to the just the city -- but I have always loved the Oak Park Farmer's Market. Love the selection. Love the atmosphere. Love the homemade donuts (mmmm).

  • In reply to caitlingiles:

    Hi Caitlin,

    Thanks for stopping by to comment. I'll add it to the list.

  • In reply to caitlingiles:

    I really miss the Lincoln Square Farmer's Market on Leland, Lincoln and Western. Nice open space. Used to take older daughter there in her stroller. Bought succulents there as well as vegetables.

    Live closer to the one on Eli's Cheesecake premises. Not nearly as nice.

  • I think it's great Chicago has so many farmers' markets. My husband sometimes picks up a few things to bring home from the Federal Plaza market on Tuesdays. The produce is always beautiful. I've wondered how much of the produce being sold at city farmers markets is organic.

    Just about every surrounding suburb has a farmer's market around here. I've gone from vendor to vendor asking if any of their produce is organic. The answer, so far, has always been a dissapointing "no." I'm all for farmer's markets, but can't help wishing some of the produce at the ones in the south 'burbs was organic. I believe Park Forest's farmers market has organic choices, but that's the only one I'm aware of in the area.

    I understand sales tax is charged at the city markets, which seems fair. None of the local suburban markets I know of are charging tax. It's something that kind of irks me considering how much we're hearing about local and state tax revenue shortfalls and raising the state income tax rate, especially since farmers' markets are competition for tax-paying local mom-and-pop grocery and nursery owners.

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