Urban Agriculture: Feeding the Movement

To celebrate World Environment Day the Chicago Botanic Garden has put together a symposium focusing on what it takes to make urban agriculture a vital part of Chicago’s green industry. The day long event will feature national and regional speakers who are working in urban agriculture & an overview of the urban agriculture movement in Chicago. The daylong event will occur on June 5, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. To register visit the Chicago Botanic Garden webpage.

The day after the event there is a bus tour of urban farms in the Chicago area that looks like a lot of fun. Not only can you discover places where you may be able to volunteer or support, but you can take away ideas– for plants, structures & urban farm layouts that you can implement in your own spaces. Maybe you could even walk away inspired to start an urban agriculture program in your own neighborhood.


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  • The bus tour is sold out, but we're still taking registrations for the symposium on June 5. Call (847) 835-8261 to register. Or you can follow "Chicagobotanic" on Twitter for highlights of the symposium on Friday.

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