Blooming In My Garden 5/27/09

Queen of Night Tulip.png

Here are a couple of pictures of what is blooming in my garden right now. Tulip ‘Queen of Night’ (above) is going quietly into the night. I’m sad to see her go because I love to photograph these tulips in the garden and because they get a lot of attention. The ‘Black Parrot’ tulips look like they’re going to be a dud this year. 

Black Columbines.png

I’m finally starting to see some of the columbine I planted start to make itself at home in other parts of the garden. The columbine on the right is a new addition. I was surprised by the white trim on the petals of this self -seeded plant. I grew the one on the right from seeds given to me a couple of years ago by a gardening friend because I wanted a “black” columbine. I’m not sure how I feel this tainted one making itself at home in the garden. Heck, I’m not even sure where this columbine with the white trim came from. It is possible it came from seeds blown into my garden or carried here by birds or stray cat. Equally likely is that my original columbine was pollinated by bees who had visited another columbine flower in the neighborhood.

Black Iris.png

Another dark flower is this iris growing in my garden. I tried for a couple of years to buy a ‘black’ iris but they ended up being badly labeled. One day at Menards I came across an iris that was suppose to be brown, so I purchased it. When it bloomed the next year I wasn’t disappointed that it too wasn’t the color promised on the package because it was close to the color I had originally wanted.

Two Iris Flowers.png


These two iris flowers came from starts given to me by another gardening friend, I don’t have names for them but these clumps have grown like mad the past two years. They make nice cut flowers to bring indoors or to give off to friends and family.

Purple and White Iris flower.png

Another iris given to me by yet another gardening friend. This clump is growing in a shadier spot in the garden and it doesn’t get as much sun as it would like so the growth is slow. But the flower is interesting. If you know the IDs of these three irises feel free to leave a comment.

Purple and white Alliums.png

Alliums are some of my favorite perennial garden bulbs to grow. I bought these at Menards. The one on the right is ‘Purple Sensation’ and the one on the left I believe is ‘Mount Everest.’ You can find Allium garden bulbs in the fall at just about any garden center in Chicago and I recommend planting them. These blooms are about four feet tall and make great cut flowers and the bees love them because they are an early source of pollen for them. I leave mine in the garden until the flower stalks dry and then use the dried heads as decorations in planters.

What’s blooming in your garden?

I’ve created a flickr pool for Chicago Garden & Chicago gardeners in general. Join and show off what is blooming in your garden or what projects you’ve got going. I’ll post some pics from the member pool on this blog.

Don’t forget: Today is the first day of Chicago Tomato Fest 2009 at the Garfield Park Conservatory. It is located off of the Green Line just minutes from The Loop.


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  • Great bloom!

    I drove past my old house last weekend, and the irises in the front garden are blooming. I miss them! It's too shady here for iris.

    I've never grown alliums. Especially after seeing all the alliums blooming during garden visits last weekend, I'm tempted to try them in the sunnier part of the garden.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    You should try some! No, seriously, I mean try some, they are amazing. You can find them super cheap too. A. schubertii was my first and what got me interested in Alliums. It only lasted for a year but it made quite the impression on me, the MrBrownThumb logo is actually a simplified A. schubertii--so while it never returned, it lives on forever.

    I've got an Allium blooming now that only grows like a half circle but the flowers smell like Jasmine. I walk out to the garden just to smell it.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    I'll be keeping an eye out for bulbs later this summer/fall. I've seen them as blooming plants in nurseries. . . boy are they pricey when sold like that!

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