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Blooming In My Garden 5/27/09

Here are a couple of pictures of what is blooming in my garden right now. Tulip ‘Queen of Night’ (above) is going quietly into the night. I’m sad to see her go because I love to photograph these tulips in the garden and because they get a lot of attention. The ‘Black Parrot’ tulips look... Read more »

So, You Wanna Be an Urban Farmer?

Whenever I do my own taxes I always linger on the line that asks you to check it off if a certain percentage of your income came from farming. My mind drifts and I begin to wonder what it would be like to be a farmer, maybe owning a small rural farm or an urban... Read more »

Chicago Tomato Fest 2009

Michael Thompson (right) of Chicago Honey Coop & Damien Casten (left) of Candid Wines discuss heirloom tomatoes at Chicago Tomato Fest Plant Sale Slow Food Chicago, Candid Wines and the Chicago Honey Coop are having two plants sales where Chicagoland gardeners will have the opportunity to purchase heirloom tomato plants. Heirloom tomatoes are plants that... Read more »

Urban Agriculture: Feeding the Movement

To celebrate World Environment Day the Chicago Botanic Garden has put together a symposium focusing on what it takes to make urban agriculture a vital part of Chicago’s green industry. The day long event will feature national and regional speakers who are working in urban agriculture & an overview of the urban agriculture movement in... Read more »

Plant Tattoo

I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, but I’m a big wuss when it comes to needles. At the Green & Growing Fair at the Garfield Park Conservatory on April 25th, I came across a volunteer from City Farm sporting this tattoo. Joe, who has been volunteering with City Farm for about a year, told... Read more »

Bleeding Hearts

I bought my first Dicentra spectabilis, Bleeding Heart, at a Home Depot in Chicago a few years ago. It was the middle of summer and the plants weren’t looking so great, so they were discounted. I planted it and it looked like it died soon after but I didn’t feel too bad since the plant... Read more »

Food is Not a Luxury

Have you ever experienced hunger? I mean, real hunger–not cravings or the stomach rumblings  you get when you skip a meal. The issue of hunger in America has been on my mind a lot recently. This winter I came across the Food Shouldn’t Feel Like A Luxury ad campaign from the Greater Chicago Food Depository.... Read more »

Container Garden Idea

I was walking around the Loop the other day when I spotted these containers planted in a sidewalk cafe. I like the way the colors of the foliage blend well with the colors of the restaurant and outdoor furniture. You can easily recreate this look on a small urban space like a balcony, patio, deck... Read more »

Community Grows for the Greater Good in Uptown

On May 9th a dedication ceremony was held for the GroGood community garden in Clarendon Park, in the Uptown neighborhood. A portion of the harvest will be donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which recently reported a 32 percent increase in demand for emergency food assistance. Through its GroGood campaign, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company... Read more »

Care of Tulips After Blooming

After the tulips in your garden have finished blooming the petals begin to wither and one by one start to fall off. At this point the scapes (flower stalks) start to look a little messy and you may get the urge to take a pair of garden sheers and cut down all of your tulips... Read more »