Spotted Cucumber Beetle

Spotted Cucumber Beetle.png

One garden pest I expect to see more of in my garden this year is the spotted cucumber beetle. This bug with the yellow body and black spots looks harmless but it is a bug you don’t want to see in your garden if you are one of the millions of Americans expected to jump on the vegetable gardening bandwagon this year. 

If you go out into your garden and you find yourself wondering; ‘what’s eating my plants?” The answer may be cucumber beetles. Cucumber beetles (including the stripped cucumber beetle) feed on seedlings,roots, flowers, damage foliage and transmit bacterial wilt disease. 

Plants in your urban farm that may be attacked by cucumber beetles include:

summer squash
winter squash
They may also feed on:
If you find cucumber beetles in your garden/urban farm you can cover the plant with something like cheesecloth that allows air, sun & rain through. Since I don’t use pesticides in my garden I put on a pair of work gloves and head out into the garden early in the morning and smash cucumber beetles between my fingers. 

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