Paper tube seed markers

In my garden I don’t do a lot of weeding because even the lowliest of weeds have a purpose and many attract beneficial insects into the garden. Since my garden is a refuge for weeds of all sorts, I sometimes can’t tell which seedling is a “plant” and which one is a “weed,” especially if I’ve never grown the plant from seeds before. So how do I figure out which plants to nurture and which one to benignly neglect? 

I could buy plant markers but that can quickly get expensive unless I make my own plant markers. One solution to the problem I’ve come up with is to make little collars for seeds from paper tubes instead of throwing them away.
Paper tube seed starters.png

Making paper tube seed markers to help me remember where I planted seeds has saved me a lot of time and aggravation in the garden. At a glance I can tell where I should step and where I shouldn’t, where I should focus the watering and where I shouldn’t. And on the rare occasions where I do any weeding in the garden I know which seedling is a seedling I shouldn’t disturb. 

To make your own seed markers from paper tubes just cut the tube into one inch segments like the image above and insert them into the ground and plant the seed inside the tube. If you want to get fancy or have a really bad memory you can write on the paper tube the name of the seed you’re planting. 
seedling growing out of paper tube pot.png
When the seeds germinate and all the other seeds in your garden are also germinating you’ll be able to identify the plants you want–from those you don’t want growing in your garden. The paper tubes actually hold up pretty well in the garden, long enough for them to serve their purpose. Eventually the paper tube seed markers will break down but it will become food for the worms and that’s a good thing. 

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