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Crocus: A Profile of a Garden Bulb.

By the time you read this one of my favorite garden bulbs to plant in my garden will likely be done blooming throughout Chicago. The crocus isn’t as popular as the tulip or daffodils in urban gardens in the city. While the flowers are colorful and can make the careful plant observer stop for a... Read more »

Starting a Garden: Start with a Plan

When I started gardening outdoors I made the mistake of not starting my garden with a plan. I’m the kind of person that will build something then look at the directions after I’m done. Because of this flaw of mine I took a shovel to the ground just started planting plants without giving much thought... Read more »

The Difference between Annuals and Perennials

A couple of years ago on a gardening forum I got an earful from another gardener after I referred to a plant as an annual. He went on a rant about how there were no such thing as annual plants and because they were a “social construct, blah, blah, blah consumer culture, blah, blah, blah.”... Read more »

Starting a Garden: Direct sowing seeds

Starting your first garden doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t even have to be an expensive endeavor. An easy and frugal way to begin gardening is by starting your plants from seeds and sowing the seeds directly in the ground.  Follow the directions on the seed packet for planting depths/spacing and recommended times... Read more »

Starting a Garden: What to plant in Chicago

If you’re starting a garden for the first time the selection of plants at a garden center in Chicago can seem rather daunting. Factors like; sun, shade, wind & the condition of your soil come into play when choosing plants for your first garden in Chicago. Wouldn’t it be great if someone just gave you... Read more »

Ladybugs in your garden

Anyone who has made it out of the 8th grade should be able to recognize this bug. For those who didn’t make it out of the 8th grade, this is an adult ladybug. I took this photo in my garden a couple of years ago. I spend a lot of my time hunting down insects... Read more »

Starting a Garden: Wildflower seed mixes

You’re walking down the aisle of the local CVS or Walgreens and you see a packet or container of wildflower seed mix and the picture on the packaging takes your breath away. It looks like a location for a commercial for a feminine hygiene product and you can imagine yourself twirling around your garden in... Read more »

Garden Centers in Chicago

Garden center in Chicago A good garden center can be like a second home to a gardener. Sometimes we go there when we need to buy something and oftentimes we go there just to get away from life- hoping we find some inspiration, an amazing plant, or someone who just “understands.” Finding the right garden... Read more »