One Seed Chicago 2009

What One Book Chicago is to reading, One Seed Chicago is to gardening. Each year One Seed Chicago selects one plant to be the focus of a year-round celebration. This year the plant selected is the bean– any kind. The purpose of One Seed Chicago is to get people across the city growing the same plant at the same time and foster a sense of community among residents. 

One Seed Chicago 2009 Blue Lake Pole Bean.png
On April 25th I attended the Green & Growing Fair at the Garfield Park Conservatory where they were handing out Blue Lake Pole beans to attendees. I had already selected a different bean variety to grow but I’ll be growing this one too. If you’d like to participate in One Seed Chicago you can request a free seed packet from the One Seed Chicago website

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  • Hi, Diane

    Sorry for the late reply...hope you have luck with them. I get pretty good results with seeds except for one or two.

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