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Boka Quickfire: A Night in Pictures

The festivities begin!
Last night the Boka Group held their second quickfire challenge between reigning champion Chris Pandel, The Bristol & soon to open Balena, and Stephanie Izard, the Girl and the Goat. A fun night was had by all and here’s a gallery of pictures that captured the essence of the evening.  

20 Questions with Boka Group Owners Rob Katz & Kevin Boehm

20 Questions with Boka Group Owners Rob Katz & Kevin Boehm
Eerily enough, on the day we did this interview it was Rob’s wedding anniversary and that was the day I met both of them 6 years ago when I was a server. They both happened to be in the restaurant at the same time! I’ve enjoyed dining at their restaurants over the years and just... Read more »

2011 Chicago Rising Stars Gala

Last night was probably one of the best food events of the year. Starchefs.com hosted its Rising Stars event at the Fairmont Hotel and it was an industry packed event. The honored chefs fed the crowd well, very well! Most events like this there are one or two bites you think – what was that?... Read more »

Chicago Gourmet Hamburger Hop

Had to take a pic to make sure I wasn't so drunk I got it wrong!
The kickoff event to the Chicago Gourmet weekend was a fun way to begin the weekend food festival. As I walked up the steps to the Harris Theatre rooftop, you could smell the burgers grilling and see the hints of smoke coming off the grills! Your senses were teased before you even saw what was... Read more »

Chicago Food Scene Gossip

Chicago Food Scene Gossip
This week has had some interesting news and highlights come out! You may not have noticed between the rain, lightening and tornadoes! What’s going on… –          First, this is the kickoff weekend to Taste of Chicago! Personally, I’m not a huge fan because I can get meat on a stick, pizza, tacos or Thai food... Read more »