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Boka Quickfire: A Night in Pictures

The festivities begin!
Last night the Boka Group held their second quickfire challenge between reigning champion Chris Pandel, The Bristol & soon to open Balena, and Stephanie Izard, the Girl and the Goat. A fun night was had by all and here’s a gallery of pictures that captured the essence of the evening.  

20 Questions - Chris Pandel, The Bristol

I’ve been a big fan of The Bristol for a long time. It shocks me when I mention it as a “go-to” place that people don’t already know it. Give me back your “foodie” badge NOW, sinners! Chris always seems to be smiling and laughing at events and when I told him about my blog... Read more »

2011 Chicago Rising Stars Gala

Last night was probably one of the best food events of the year. Starchefs.com hosted its Rising Stars event at the Fairmont Hotel and it was an industry packed event. The honored chefs fed the crowd well, very well! Most events like this there are one or two bites you think – what was that?... Read more »

Food Fun Extravaganza

So many holidays so little time! I’ve added some Mother’s Day brunches to the end for the early adopters. Lots of cool fun and creative food events coming our way. I’ve also gotten a bit of info on some summer events and classes that will make it on the post after Mother’s Day! I don’t... Read more »

BACONFEST 2011 - A Ton of Bacon!

I missed out on last year so I can’t give you a comparison but I did witness the bacon Takedown. Among our Bacon Festivals in Chicago this is THE event to go to. With a new, bigger location, more pork-o-philes were able to enjoy swine, 1,500 in fact! Actually there are a lot of facts... Read more »

Two Days After NEXT!

IF you are a FOODIE and wear that badge and shout from the tree tops, then you get my title. If you don’t get my title, turn in your badge and head to the kiddie table. Next Restaurant started taking reservations on Wednesday and the online chatter was INTENSE to say the least. After hours... Read more »


This past week, I was planning a night out and thought about Duchamp. I’d remembered seeing some different things popping up on social media. I hadn’t been in eons and was curious as to the changes having been made. I arrived on time but my friend was late so I grabbed a seat at the... Read more »

Sipping The Bristol's Rustic Rose

Sipping The Bristol's Rustic Rose
I am a citrus guy! Love lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit not so much but whether it’s cooking or eating citrus is always a great natural flavor. Recently, I went to dinner at The Bristol on a Friday night. I mention it was a Friday because they don’t take reservations so plan on waiting upstairs.... Read more »