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Tavernita: A New Beginning

Tavernita: A New Beginning
Since Tavernita opened a few months ago the platitudes have been pouring in from the food writers in Chicago. Many have fallen in love with the Spanish styled restaurant and pintxo barcito. The dining room has a sophisticated quality yet has a similar urban feel as its sister restaurant Mercadito. The pinxto bar is as... Read more »

20 Questions with Ryan Poli

Every Wednesday, we’ll be learning a bit more about one Chef/Restaurant Owner/Sommelier through my favorite game, 20 questions! This first week features Chef Ryan Poli. He’s been working on his latest project Tavernita and definitely one of the more colorful personalities in the Chicago culinary scene. Chef Ryan Poli                                             Restaurant                   TavernitaMarried                        No Kids                            None that he... Read more »

2011 Chicago Rising Stars Gala

Last night was probably one of the best food events of the year. Starchefs.com hosted its Rising Stars event at the Fairmont Hotel and it was an industry packed event. The honored chefs fed the crowd well, very well! Most events like this there are one or two bites you think – what was that?... Read more »