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Food Fun Friday

Food Fun Friday
This weekend is like Summer Purgatory! Last hurrah before Labor Day and college football starts in earnest, 2 weeks away from bear’s kicking the season off at home. But there is some cool stuff going on and coming up. I’ll be wandering the food truck event on Saturday sponsored by Timeout while soaking in the... Read more »

2011 Chicago Rising Stars Gala

Last night was probably one of the best food events of the year. Starchefs.com hosted its Rising Stars event at the Fairmont Hotel and it was an industry packed event. The honored chefs fed the crowd well, very well! Most events like this there are one or two bites you think – what was that?... Read more »

Anyone Hungover?

Let the St. Patrick’s Day hangover begin! I saw a number of people out and about last night enjoying the actual day and guessing between that and the start of March Madness no one is really working hard today. I hope your team has done well or doesn’t ruin your weekend. My Badgers beat Belmont... Read more »

GREEN is IN on Saturday!

Whether it’s the Chicago River getting green-ER or your love of anything to drink that’s green – Shamrock Shakes or Green Beer – the day to overindulge is Saturday! Chicago becomes one large Irish enclave of singing, friendly banter and swinging of pints and shots of Jameson. There are a lot of events on “tap”... Read more »

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen
Just after the Michelin Stars were awarded a few weeks back, I got a chance to eat dinner at Sixteen. Chef Brunacci throughout the year has cooked special menus on luxurious items like Wagyu and Lobster. This menu was all about Pork! Duroc, Kurobuto, Suckling oh my, it was good. But, I’m getting ahead of... Read more »