Pet Peeves!

Everyone has them. Going to dinner can spark a passionate debate amongst friends, business colleagues or maybe even the server! But, I know I'm not the only one in need of free therapy! Comment away and who knows maybe I'll add a section on reader pet peeves as they come in.

I'll add to this page from time to time and even try to add pictures. When new additions make the list, I promise to post and let you know.

Sooo....Now it's time to buckle up and enjoy the ride.


As of June 19, 2010

-          Bloggers, Food Critics who have never done what they're critiquing. SHAME!

-          The bartender in the background on "Check, Please!" pretending to work. How clean is that glass? And who is he pouring wine for? Am I supposed to think they're taping in a restaurant? Because it's the quietest, uncrowded place in the city.

-          Parsley on the rim of the plate as garnish! Are you 3 yrs old coloring outside the lines? Focus on the food you're plating in the middle, don't OVER garnish! The chef might as well stick a sprig of rosemary like a skyscraper in the mash potatoes.

-          Every dish has the same vegetable/ word: lazy! Well unless you're on a cruise, wait you're not on a cruise. I give you permission to go donkey punch the chef so they can regain their senses.

-          When a chef talks about how they only cook with fresh ingredients! Really do you know of anyone cooking with spoiled food? I want that for my $40 entrée.

-          Speaking of a entrée costing $40, how is it justified if it it isn't a steak, anything with truffles, caviar, foie gras or being served in NYC.

-          A server who doesn't know what they're talking about - food, preparation or wine take your pick. I know you make good money, learn it!

-          Servers who can't pronounce items...who am I kidding? Actually I find this hilarious!

-          A chef who cooks with only local ok, build a menu during January in the Midwest - go? Just like refrigerated rail cars opened up America to send fresh produce EVERYWHERE, airplanes can help bring things in from other HEMISPHERES. Help the poor nations out; you know what on second thought never ever serve Norwegian Salmon or Alaskan Crab. This is different than sustainable.

-          In Hawaii or any other island vacation spot - "This fish is fresh caught and they dock down the street" - the cost of the Oompa Lumpa fish will be $40 - question, if you got it from down the block why the F is it $40? Do you drive a Bentley to pick it up? Love that BS!

-          Friend takes you to the BEST, THE BEST restaurant - but tonight was just an off night. Uh huh sure!

-          Diners who want to alter everything on the menu - STAY HOME! If you have an allergy mention it but if you don't...  ask yourself would you tell the conductor to get rid of the string section?

-          Wine Lists that are priced from $10-20 and then $150 or more...hi, it's called options.

-          The person who tries to weasel a table at 7pm on a Friday when they never made a reservation - you are fooling no one.

-          Anyone who says they know the no you don't! Ass...

-          Cooking shows on TV with "chefs" who can't cook or are dirty.

-          Guy Fieri, wash your hands!

-          Oh and the Neelys, count how many hey baby!-ies are said! Ugh, pretend children are present...

-          Breakfast eggs that costs more then $12 - you're not the four seasons and they're EGGS! Orange, you know what I'm talking about! If you're reading this SALT those nasty potatoes please.

-          Soy milk comes from a mammal, soy comes from a bean - so its juice. But how is it not the same as soy sauce???

-          How vegans try to convince you that protein from a bean is just as good as a steak...Never going to happen. In America we can all choose, I just think you've chosen poorly.

-          Server's who blame the kitchen - you're all on the same team in my book.

-          Chef's who don't taste their food. I'd like you to meet SALT! Say hi SALT.

-          People who don't do mayo because they can't eat dairy! Um, there's no milk in it. I know it's white but there's no milk. Eggs don't come from cows.

Tell me what drives you nuts or maybe just so stupid it makes you laugh.

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