My name is Joe and I am a Food Snob.

I was forged from the fires of some of Chicago's best restaurants to cook and serve. I've seen both sides of the line and I love the chaos of an overbooked Friday service.  In the past 10 years, I've opened two restaurants first as a Chef - earning from Chicago Magazine Top 20 Best New Restaurants and second I was the opening General Manager of one of the hottest new restaurants in recent Chicago memory.

I am a snob, NOT a foodie. Foodies are the wanna be arm chair QBs of the culinary world. They have never toiled in the restaurant world and cooking is their "hobby." They've read a cookbook and eaten in amazing restaurants but until you've worked the line on a busy Friday and waited on the biggest SOB on earth who thinks you're a GED and a complaint away from homelessness, you know nothing! You can be a pretender and hide behind your online pseudonym that your opinion matters but having been tested in the restaurant world to me you are playing Rock Band with day dreams of unfulfilled glory.

I can cook as good or better than 99% of the planet. I quit the corporate world making money to go to culinary school to make barely minimum wage. I've worked for a famous chef who still didn't know my name from day 1 to my last. I've cooked Saturday service for 250 covers flawlessly on a line with tickets only the chef could see. I've Captained and turned your table when you lingered over coffee. I've cooked for, served and joked with some of the biggest celebrities and politicians.

Things you should know about me: I like my Champagnes Pink or with a vintage, I eat meat proudly, I drink milk from a mammal not a bean, I know what every relevant and irrelevant Chicago food critic looks like, I think most Chicago food critics are failed journalist trying to justify their college education, I thankfully have no food allergies and can see a made up one a mile away, I enjoy craptacular Mexican at 2am or noon, I keep bacon fat in my fridge and adore anything pork related, I think wine is relative but won't drink trader anyone's swill, I've never had a shamrock shake, I could eat a triple cheeseburger or a perfect croissant for breakfast, I don't worry about organics but eat sustainably, I think the best ice cream is gelato in Italy, I have friends I refuse to eat out with or at their house, I think a multi-course menu is just as amazing as theatre, if you hear me say - It couldn't have been any better - I hated it, I've walked in a Chicago blizzard for a heavenly cupcake, I know how to order defensively in a restaurant but most importantly, I LIVE TO EAT!

I will raise my right hand and swear on my Michel Bras cookbook: I will always be honest, truthful and have fun. I will never turn my back to criticism facing it like a man. I will give as good as I get. I am a Food Snob.