Are food trucks dead now that they’re legal?

Are food trucks dead now that they’re legal?

This map details in the non-orange shaded area where food trucks can legally sell their product. Would you enter in to this business? If you happen to own a private parking lot or area – the trucks still can’t operate there even with your permission. Feels like Mom punished you for being bad and then Dad can home and added on to that punishment. I feel the shading needs to be a bit more aggressive since some of that sellable area is on a bridge or a rooftop!

Much was written about the law being passed yesterday – here are a few links…

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I’m not sure where everyone falls with their opinion but I got a chuckle out of Ald. Tunney’s comment regarding the value of Charlie Trotter’s success and its direct correlation to brick and mortar restaurant importance. That sounds like fear from the owner of Ann Sather’s. Did anyone think that allowing food trucks would really shut down established traditional restaurants – no, I mean did they really think that?

I feel this ordinance passing is still a slow death for the food truck movement here in Chicago. Some may survive but it won’t be a flourishing community like the mayor imagines. We won’t be first or second and if we’re in the top ten I’ll argue it will be because of the sheer size of our city not from a welcoming business environment. Many have been sadly silent when they should have been helping their fellow entrepreneurs or for that matter the media who relies on writing about food.

Perhaps the ordinance passing will make some forget about the idiotic decision to ban Foie Gras a few years ago, nothing like government worry about and solving the bigger issues.

What do you all think? Is this good or bad for food trucks?

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