Deep Fried Turkey

I’ve only had a turkey once like this for Thanksgiving. My uncle’s friend had the set-up and it was amazing to watch a good size turkey fry up in 30 minutes. It was good but if you can achieve crispy skin and a moist inside you can mitigate lots of the dangers frying a turkey can tempt you with. Today’s video is a great demonstration on what not to do – thanks Captain Kirk.

Enjoy the video and the use of dingle dangle!

For anyone not deep frying a turkey – roast a turkey isn’t all that hard. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees, load your turkey (seasoned, stuffed and ready to go) uncovered for 30 minutes. Then drop the heat to 350 degrees. Cook it for 15 minutes per pound – 10lbs turkey is 2.5 hrs. You may need to cover with a tent of foil at some point – all ovens are not created equal. But when the juices run clear from the thigh joint you’re good to go. To achieve crispy skin, broil when finished to achieve nirvana color and crispiness. Keep an eye on it the whole time you broil so it doesn’t burn – you’re not cooking it you’re just finishing. Let the bird rest for about 10-20 minutes covered and enjoy!

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