Chicago Food Scene Gossip

Chicago Food Scene Gossip

This week has had some interesting news and highlights come out! You may not have noticed between the rain, lightening and tornadoes!

What’s going on…

          First, this is the kickoff weekend to Taste of Chicago! Personally, I’m not a huge fan because I can get meat on a stick, pizza, tacos or Thai food any day of the week. Plus I’m not one to sweat with a crowd, watch someone sweat on my cooking food or feel like a salmon going to my death. But I do love me some fried dough, for that check out Harry Caray’s.

          While Stephanie Izard’s Girl and the Goat is yet to open, rumor has it staff trainings have been going on. Personally, I’m more excited that the Boka Group acquired the old Tizzi Melloul space.

          Delays seem to be the trend for our fair cities openings. While grahamwich is percolating, Chef Graham Elliot Bowles is focusing on Lollapalooza Cuisine! Rock Star line-up of places and food. I’d save my pennies for this then the Taste, but that’s me.

          Jerry’s in the West Loop is re-concepting? These are awesome sandwiches but the new idea is to be a Po’Boy Shop. If it’s as good as the one I had a week ago, AWESOME. My only thought…keep up with the demand for chips. I hate paying for “the brand name kind” when you give them away normally but run out often!

          For Bordeaux lovers, futures are on sale at Wine Discount Center! Obviously, it’s first come, first served.

          Last but not least – Custom House has a new chef arriving in a month! Perry Hendrix from St. Louis will be taking over for interim Chef Eric Aubriot. Maybe! They’ll bring back the sweet breads appetizer, regardless some of the best Pinot Noir selections in the city.

I have to say next week a well known TV show will be filming in the city for an upcoming episode. I’m working on getting to hang on set for the day and give everyone some inside scoop.

Have a great weekend and bring wet naps for the TURKEY LEG at the Taste.

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