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Great Circuit Workout...No Weights!

Short on time? Short on equipment? Try this great circuit workout that you can do anywhere without any equipment. Perform 3 full rounds of all the exercises. Challenge yourself and time your workout. See how fast you can do it each time and try to continue to lower your time. Follow me on Twitter and... Read more »

Climb Your Way To Better Health and Fitness!

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s  SkyRise Chicago event is fast approaching, The date is November 14th and space is filing up fast, so if you’re thinking about running in the event, sign up now. SkyRise Chicago is an awesome stair climb race up the Willis Tower. The race starts at the bottom of the tower and you... Read more »

Lose Weight and Burn Calories With Squat Jumps

Try this exercise to burn a ton of calories, improve your anaerobic capacity, strengthen your legs, your core and your shoulders.  This exercise is a combination of squat jumps on the Bosu ball and palm to plank.  Try alternating your arms on the planks and try doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions.  Throw this exercise... Read more »

Free Yoga and Stretching At Lululemon!!

Hey Chicago!  Lululemon has partnered with the nation’s premier urban stair climb — The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) SkyRise Chicago— to offer a fit  yoga class geared towards climbers, hand-cyclists and those who are considering registering for the Willis Tower climb (held at the highest building in the Western hemisphere!).  This fit class is open to the public and will allow for... Read more »

Personal Trainer Do's and Dont's

If your trainer tries to demonstrate an exercise that he/she wants you to do but can't perform the exercise themselves, then I would be skeptical as to why they are making you do the exercise...most of the time, they are trying to make up some difficult exercise just to make it hard for you and to try some crazy exercise.
As the weather turns cooler, the gyms will begin to get a little more crowded as more people will be moving their workouts indoors. So, here are 10 Things That Your Trainer Should or Should Not Be Doing. If They are doing ANY of these, get rid of them and get a new, better version.... Read more »

Work Your Chest, Core, Back, Shoulders and Triceps In 1 Move

Hey Chicago!  Hope you had a great week, TGIF!  Here’s an exercise for you to try if you want to work pretty much all your muscles in your uppers body and core in one movement.  It’s a Push-up with a Dumbbell Row.  Check out the video below on how to complete the exercise.  Perform 3... Read more »

Balance In Your Life? Try This Exercise...

Hey Chicago!  Who wouldn’t want better balance in their life? I’ve got a great exercise for you to try to help improve your balance and coordination. With these icy winters coming up, (I know, I know, don’t talk about it) and all the high heels I see walking around these days…believe me we need all... Read more »

Exercise Of The Weekend - Side Planks with Leg Lifts

Hey Chicago! Here’s your Exercise of the Weekend! This weekend we’ll be working on our CORE and our BUTT! What Is It: The exercise is called a Side Plank with Leg Lifts. What Does It Work? This is a great exercise to tone and tighten the core, especially your oblique muscles, the one’s on the... Read more »

Exercise Of The Weekend - Jump Rope

Hey Chicago, Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It’s a beautiful start to the weekend and it looks like it’s going to stay nice for a few days so hopefully you get a chance to get outside and get some exercise!   Today’s Exercise Of The Weekend is often over-looked and hardly used but if used,... Read more »

Exercise Of The Weekend! - Spider-man Crawls

Hey Chicago! Happy Friday! I hope you enjoyed last week’s Workout Of The Weekend. I’m back this week with your Exercise Of The Weekend! What Is It?The Spider-man CrawlWhat It Works? It works your whole body, chest, shoulders, back, core, and legs. It’s a great full-body exercise that will leave you stronger and more flexible.... Read more »