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Try This Core Exercise At Home!

The other day I was messing around at home trying to come up with some different core exercises to do for myself and my clients to get those abs in shape for summer. I myself love all variations of planks, so I thought about how I could make a plank more difficult for people if... Read more »

Improve Your Full Body Fitness With Kettlebells

Last week I showed you the standard, 2-handed kettlebell swing which is a great exercise to get you started using a kettlebell. Today I wanted to share with you a different exercise using the kettlebell. This is a progression of the 2-handed swing. Try this full body kettlebell exercise to help improve your anaerobic capacity,... Read more »

Abs: In One Move

Try this multipurpose abdominal exercise to hit every muscle in your midsection.  You’ll be working the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis and your internal and external obliques with this one exercise.  Try doing 3 sets of 20 total repetitions (10 twists each way) throughout your workout. It’s a KILLER! Twisting Crunch With Medicine Ball Follow me... Read more »

Strengthen The Legs With Single Leg Squats

Try this tried and true leg strengthening exercise that will help with your balance and coordination, your glute strength, your hamstring strength, and your quadricep strength.  You won’t even need to use weights, your own body weight should be enough, so you can do this at home or anywhere!  Follow me on Twitter and learn... Read more »

Lose Weight and Burn Calories With Squat Jumps

Try this exercise to burn a ton of calories, improve your anaerobic capacity, strengthen your legs, your core and your shoulders.  This exercise is a combination of squat jumps on the Bosu ball and palm to plank.  Try alternating your arms on the planks and try doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions.  Throw this exercise... Read more »

Burn A Ton Of Calories With This Full Body Exercise

Hey Chicago!  If you’re looking to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time, try this great full body exercise to help burn more calories during your workout.  Full body exercises use more muscles, stimulate more nerves and use more energy which can burn a ton of calories and help you reach... Read more »

Sculpt Your Chest and Abs With This Great Exercise!

Hey Chicago!  Happy Friday! Try this great exercise to help sculpt the middle of your chest and really work your core at the same time. This is a great exercise for anyone trying to improve their overall health and fitness What Is It?  Stability ball push ups with knees to the ball.  How To Perform:... Read more »

Work Your Chest, Core, Back, Shoulders and Triceps In 1 Move

Hey Chicago!  Hope you had a great week, TGIF!  Here’s an exercise for you to try if you want to work pretty much all your muscles in your uppers body and core in one movement.  It’s a Push-up with a Dumbbell Row.  Check out the video below on how to complete the exercise.  Perform 3... Read more »

3 Great Core Exercises Using A Stability Ball

3 Great Core Exercises Using A Stability Ball
3 Great Exercises Using A Stability Ball 1) Knees to Chest Perform 10 to 20 repetitions. Lift your hips and engage your core to bring your knees to your chest. 2) Pike Perform 10 to 20 repetitions. Keep your legs straight, lift your hips straight into the air and engage your core to bring your... Read more »

Strengthen Your Hamstrings With This 1 Exercise

Hey Chicago!  Here’s your “Exercise Of The Weekend”!  What Is It? Hamstring Curl On Stability Ball What Does It Work? Strengthens your hamstrings and your butt muscles as well as works on your stability in your hips and core. Your hips and core have to work hard to keep you balanced on the ball so... Read more »