Windy City CrossFit: A Look Inside

Windy City CrossFit: A Look Inside


If you’re a health and fitness nut like me, a weekend warrior trying to get in better shape or someone new to the workout seen looking to get into a fitness regiment, chances are you’ve heard of CrossFit.

CrossFit is one of the fastest growing fitness brands and training methods since Jane Fonda strapped on the leotard. Greg Glassman, a high school gymnast and his ex-wife, Lauren Glassman founded CrossFit and the first affiliate Crossfit gym opened in Santa Cruz California in 1995 and has grown exponentially to now include thousands of affiliate gyms all over the world. Suffice it to say, it’s become a world-wide phenomenon.

I’ll admit, I had never actually went to a CrossFit gym and worked out because one of the many things that sets CrossFit apart from others in the industry is that they list their daily workouts (called Workouts Of the Day or WOD’s) on the main website everyday and are usually accompanied by the video of how to perform the workout. 

So, about two weeks ago I called up the Windy City CrossFit, the first CrossFit Affiliate


established in Chicago and spoke with the owner, Justin Marcis and asked him if I could come in and try out a workout, he said no problem and allowed me to come in on a Thursday for their daily workout. I joined two other gentlemen and Coach Will Howard for the WOD and let me tell you something…it was brutal and inspiring at the same time. I pushed myself harder than I have in a long time because the other two guys I did the workout with were pushing and support me and each other. It was like we were all in it together, suffering through it with one goal in mind…getting better, improving our overall health.

I was a little hooked after that first day so I decided to come back 2 days later for what’s called “Murph Day” – (Click the link to learn more). The workout consisted of the following and your total time was recorded:
1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 body weight squats
1 mile run

I wasn’t even close to being able to run the entire last mile but I finished, because everyone finishes, no matter how long it takes you. Did I mention my quads still hurt walking down the stairs as I write this 5 days later!

It was an amazing workout and it supported a great cause, (The Navy Seal Foundation), not to mention they had kegs of beer and a pig roast afterward!

Check out the video below of some of Saturday’s event. If you like a lot of sweaty guys and girls, you’re going to love this! And watch all the way to the end to check out the damage the pullups did to my hands!

The bottom line is guys and girls, if you’re really looking to push yourself to limits you thought weren’t possible and looking to be inspired, go check out Windy City CrossFit, you won’t be disappointed.


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