THE BEST Exercise For Strengthening Your Legs

The single-leg squat is arguably the best exercise for building strong legs. There are countless articles from fitness experts that identify the benefits of single-leg squats.

The biggest problem with single-leg squats is that most people don’t have the strength or stability to do even a “body weight” single-leg squat.

So, in the video below I show you how to do an assisted single-leg squat so that you can start develop the strength and stability in your glutes to eventually do an unassisted single-leg squat as shown in the second video.

Just a couple coaching points with the assisted single-leg squat:

1) Make sure the knee is tracking properly in a straight over your big toe, don’t let the knee buckle in or bow out.
2) Push through the heel and mid-foot of the foot you are standing on. This will help use the glute muscles in this exercise and not just the quad muscles.

A More Difficult Version: Once your gutes and adductors are strong enough to perform single leg- squat variations without and assist as shown above, move on to the version below. The bench helps as a guide to make sure you are going down low enough. Some research suggests going lower than 90 degrees for maximum recruitment of the glute muscles but I recommend just going to 90 degrees if single-leg squats are new for you.

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