Improve Your Full Body Fitness With Kettlebells

Last week I showed you the standard, 2-handed kettlebell swing which is a great exercise to get you started using a kettlebell.

Today I wanted to share with you a different exercise using the kettlebell. This is a progression of the 2-handed swing. Try this full body kettlebell exercise to help improve your anaerobic capacity, burn calories, strengthen the core, legs and shoulders and get you fit in no time.

It’s a more difficult exercise and you should always consult with a fitness professional before trying any movement that you are unfamiliar with. 

Kettlebell Clean to Press:

Perform 10 repetitions with each arm and perform this exercise 3 times throughout your workout.

Perform this exercise on days you are doing full body exercises or implement it between circuits of upper or lower body workouts to burn extra calories.

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