Get Your Spin On At Go Cycle Studio!

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Emmy Rigali, the owner of Go Cycle Studio. Go Cycle just opened a month ago and is currently Chicago’s only spin-specific fitness studio. Classes are filling up fast and people are starting to catch on to the latest in “studio” training where you get the best “bang for your buck” where you only pay for what you use. Let’s face it, how many of us pay for a gym membership we hardly ever use, throwing thousands of dollars down the drain every year.

And even better, your first class is FREE, so you can try it with no obligation and find out if it’s something you’d like to continue with and, they have Free Parking right next door behind Old Town Social.

Let’s talk about Emmy for a second. First and foremost, Emmy is full of energy and has a n awesome personality. She has an amazing vitality and exudes confidence and motivation. I had an opportunity to take a class today and let me tell you…it was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. She keeps you motivated with constant encouragement and coaching and great music.

The class was a great mix of hill climbs, sprint intervals and of course, some rest periods. It was a great mix of different drills which helped work different heart rate zones and kept the moving along so I didn’t get bored with one drill. Before I knew the 50 minute class was over and I was walking out fully drenched and feeling great! My computer on my bike that kept track of the calories I was burning based on my heart rate, watts and cadence said I burned approximately 650 calories during a 50 minute class! (I’ll take that)

Check out a quick look at the Go Cycle Studio and my interview with Emmy below to find out how she got started, what her motivation is and why she thinks spinning is your ticket to fitness success!



Interview With Go Cycle Owner: Emmy Rigali

The Bikes:
Emmy outfitted her studio with some of the best bikes on the market, the Keiser M3. These bikes are really great because they offer the rider a wealth of information during class. Each bike has a display that is clearly visible while seated and gives you information about your cadence, your watts, your heart rate and duration of spin time. The bikes are also very smooth and easy to increase or decrease the amount of resistance that is being applied.

Go Cycle currently offers 3 different types of classes:

Go: This is their signature 50 minute cycling experience

Go2: This is a 45 minute cycling class followed by 15 minutes of killer abs and core work.

Go Yo: For those that want the best of both worlds, this class offers 30 minutes of intense cycling followed by 30 minutes of relaxing, soothing yoga to stretch all those muscles out.

I highly recommend you check out their class schedule and sign up here for one of their classes soon, before they fill up! It’s a great workout with an energetic atmosphere and an awesome instructor. Check out their schedule here:  Go Cycle Class Schedule

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