Get Your Trail Running On!

Hey Chicago! 

It’s that time of year, fall is here and what’s better than watching the Bears squeak one out against the Lions?…Running a trail race in the morning and THEN watching the Bears win! 
Did you know running on trails can challenge your balance and make you recruit more stabilizing muscles than you use when running on smooth surfaces like sidewalks, streets and treadmills. Trail running is also a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty that fall has to offer. 
A new race organization called Trail Adventures Around Chicago (TAAC) is holding their first trail race on Sunday, September 26th. The race, The Pioneer Trail Run, is a 6.5 Mile winding run along the Pioneer Trail in the Forest Preserve of Cook County in Palos, IL. The race starts at 8:30am. Click here for REGISTRATION.
There will be an awesome goodie bag with your registration, I already got the inside scoop on some of the stuff in the bag and it will be one of the best goodie bags you’ve ever received for entering a race, you won’t be disappointed. 
And if you need another reason to run the race, here’s it is, part of the proceeds will be donated to Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network
Check it out and sign up for a great race, burn some calories and enjoy our great outdoors before the snow starts flying!

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