Baby Got Back...Get That Tight Cyclist Butt!

Hey Chicago! 

Happy Friday! 
It’s going to be a hot one out there today so stay indoors in the air conditioning and try a spin class today. And to make sure you’re using those glute muscles correctly so that you get that nice tight butt that you want, check out the video I did with my good friend, former ChicagoNow blogger and current Editor for Vital Juice ChicagoMaya Henderson. 
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Maya came to me with a major problem, she thought her butt was getting “smooshy” from sitting all day at her desk and then going to spin class and sitting on a spin bike for another hour. 
So we went over how to activate the glute muscles before getting on the spin bike, some exercises you can do to tone your butt muscles and then some techniques you can use while you are on the bike to make sure you are using all those leg muscles properly during your spin class. 
Check out the videos at Vital Juice’s website by clicking here:


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