Lord Stanley Has Got To Be Tired! 55 Miles in A Weekend!

Hey Chicago!

I hope you’re recovering from a great celebratory weekend! What an awesome weekend it was not only for the Blackhawks but for the greatest city and fans on earth!


Toews at the rally

I thought I’d have a little fun with the journey the beloved Stanley Cup has taken so far in Chicago. I’m sure there are some places that have been left out. For instance, there’s a gap of about 7 hours between the time they were at Ann Sathers at 6am and the United Center at 1pm or the 11 hour gap on Thursday evening when it arrived at Underground at 11pm and reappeared at the United Center the next day at 10:30 am for the start of the parade. I’m pretty sure it made it’s way somewhere around the city during these “random” gaps in the time-line but we’ll just leave that to the team and the “Keeper Of The Cup”, who by the way, has the greatest job in the world!

So let’s see how many miles you would have had to run if you were to have followed the Cup all over the city from the time it landed in Chicago in Jonathan Toews hands.



Here’s the “Unofficial Tour”:
From O’Hare to Harry Careys in Rosemont: 4 miles
From Harry Careys to The Pony Inn: 14 miles
From the Pony Inn to Ann Sather’s: 1 mile
This is where where it goes missing…for the first time
From Ann Sather’s to the United Center: 5 miles
From the United Center to Gibsons: 4 miles
From Gibsons to Tavern On Rush: 50 feet
From Tavern On Rush to Rockit: 1.5 miles
From Rockit to Market Bar: 1.6 miles
From Market Bar to Stanley’s: 3 miles
From Stanley’s to Underground: 2 miles
It goes missing…again.
From Underground to the Start of the Parade: 1 mile
From the start of the parade to the finish: 2 miles
From the Rally to the Hyatt Regency: 1/2 mile
Something tells me, this is where they all got some needed rest, it shows back up at Lux Bar 7 hours later.
From the Hyatt to LuxBar: 1.5 miles
From LuxBar to Belmont Lounge: 3 miles
From Belmont Lounge to Sunda: 5 miles
From Sunda to Underground, AGAIN: 1/2 mile
From Underground to Wrigley Feild: 5.5 miles

That’s a total of about 55 miles! If you were trying to keep up with the Cup this weekend on foot, you better have eaten your Wheaties! 

Think about this, if you would have been able to run 8 minute miles, you would have run for 7 1/2 hours and burned about 900 calories an hour or 6,500 calories in total to keep up with the CUP this weekend
Poor Stanley and now he’s on his way to Los Angeles! He’s go to be tired!
Check in tomorrow when I’ll preview the new Nike, Jordan, and Converse Basketball shoes and apparel coming out in the next few months. 

Have a great Monday!

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