A Paper Dress Gallery

You don’t need fancy fabrics and blinging jewels to feel like a princess. Sometimes all you need is construction paper and tape.

I don’t know much about kids or parenting (in fact, I’ve only babysat one time), but this seems like an example of parenting done right. This mom and daughter duo is one part fashion-forward kid and one part artsy mother. What an amazing way of teaching your children about DIY!

Mommy Angie is inspired by everything from daughter “Mayhem’s” favorite cartoons to the day’s weather. It’s a collaborative process.

Most of their dresses are inspired by fashion icons on the red carpet. They are nearly entirely made of paper and tape. As someone who lives by the rule of make-it-yourself, this is totally something I can get behind. Sure, this isn’t exactly something practical that little “Mayhem”  can wear to school, but that’s not the point. When is clothing practical when you’re a child? It’s usually all that our mothers can do to keep us from leaving the house in a tutu or our favorite Halloween costume as a daily outfit.

Check out more of their amazing homemade outfits on instagram or click over to the website.

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