How to DIY: The Golden Rules and Messing Them Up

First off, I’m not listing steps to this diy because I followed a tutorial from Honestly WTF.


I had an omg-moment when I found this diy because I have a necklace just like the one shown. It has sat in a box in my closet since 2007 when I wore it to prom. See? (kind of ridiculous selfie photo though)


Anyway. I used a light sage green colored embroidery floss that I had originally bought for a different project. It was a nice brand too, each strand has a subtle twist to it. I don’t like loud colors, especially for accessory pieces. But for this particular necklace, I was totally wrong.


This project took me half a Blackhawks game to make, as I don’t like watching tv without “doing something.” (It makes me feel lazy, like I’m wasting time. Valuable diy time.) I made my braid perfectly even and sewed the necklace on with one continuous floss strand.


I was not pleased with the outcome. I didn’t think it was possible to MUTE an obnoxiously sparkly necklace. But it is. You could barely see the necklace against the light green. There wasn’t enough contrast. From the start, I had wanted some kind of orangey-pink salmon color. But I wanted to start NOW and it was too late to hit up Michael’s for supplies, so I used what I already had.

I broke the number one rule of diy-ing: patience. Sometimes I’m so much of a hurry to replicate something amazing, that I don’t take my time figuring out the basics.

The other golden rule of diy is trial and error. This was an error. So, I separated my necklace and started over. Sure, I had wasted time working on version one, but I’m not about to keep something that’s half-assed and I’ll never wear. I bought a different color of embroidery floss in the color I had originally wanted. I repeated the whole process.


The second time around, I threw on some music and took my time. I ironed out the kinks from the first time around, like not to pull the thread too tight or the necklace will sit at an angle from the braid. It’s all a learning experience. I’m much more satisfied with my coral colored braid and I can’t wait to wear it out!




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