DIY: Braided Fabric & Chain Bracelet

DIY: Braided Fabric & Chain Bracelet

This showed up on my Facebook dashboard as one of those sponsored posts, that no one ever means to click on. But I clicked over to because I thought these braided bracelets were cute. bracelet

Lo and behold, they were each $20 and the ones I liked best were sold out. NO SIR. I will make my own, thank you. Since I already had chain trimmings, mine cost me $4 for 2. Much better.


-chain (enough to fit around your wrist)

-fabric, 1/16 yard (really)

-10mm jump rings

-lobster claw closure

-needle and thread

-krazy glue

diy bracelet

Step 1: Cut the fabric strip in half and thread on half through a jump ring so you have two tails of the braid. Open the jump ring, slide the chain on to it, and close. You can just the end of a chain or start in the middle to double the strand, like I did with my red bracelet.

diy bracelet

Step 2: Braid using the two strips of fabric and the chain as the third tail. Getting started is tricky and your end will probably be a bit looser than the middle of the bracelet. I ended up sticking the end jump ring on my pliers which I held between my feet while I braided!

*The trickiest part is working with the raw edge of the fabric. Since you’re braiding a thin strip of fabric, try to tuck the ends under and within the folds of fabric so no loose threads will be sticking out. You’ll probably get some fraying anyway, but try to keep them on the back side of the bracelet instead of the front.

diy bracelet

Step 3: Finishing the bracelet and getting the fabric not to unravel is the hardest part. I added the lobster claw and jump ring to the chain and folded the fabric behind it. Pinching the two strips together, I sewed a few stitches, then wrapped the thread around the whole end tightly. Finish with a few more stitches and knot. I reinforced the end with my go-to for any project: krazy glue. Yes, this does make the end a bit stiff and crunchy. There’s probably a better way to finish this.

diy bracelet

What do you think? My blue bracelet turned out a little lumpier than the red one because the fabric was glossier and thicker.

diy bracelet


diy bracelet braided chain


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