DIY: (Holiday) Vintage Manicure

DIY: (Holiday) Vintage Manicure

Are you sick of boring French manicures? Do you struggle with picking  just one color out of your plethora of nail polish bottles? Here’s an easy tutorial for how to paint your nails with a festive flair using 2 hues.

This is my absolute favorite manicure a la Dita Von Teese. She nearly always supports her classic 1930s style with a vintage manicure, which is opposite of a French manicure. Instead of highlighting the tip of your nail, the base of the nail is accented with a half-moon shape.


Vintage manicures are perfect for when you’re rifling through your basket of nail polishes and can’t choose only one color. My favorite combos are grey/black (winter), grey/burgundy (winter), and gold/pink (summer). But when I’m feeling super festive, I coordinate for the holidays. Today I chose light gold topped with a red that has a gold sheen to it. My secret to creating a perfect half-moon shape? Re-enforcement holes. Remember those stickers we were required to have in junior high to keep our homework sheets in our binders? They’re great stickers for creating a perfect circle.


-2 different colors of nail polish

-5 reinforcement holes, cut in half

-top coat

*Tips: Let your nails dry completely between coats; chose a lighter color for your base and a darker color for the top.


1 Paint a coat for your base and let dry completely. I usually wait about 15 minutes just in case.


2 Cover the bottom third of your nail with a half of a reinforcement hole and press the sticker down.


3 Paint your top coat on the area of nail above the sticker. It’s ok to overlap onto the sticker, just make sure not to paint below it! Let dry.


4 Peel the sticker off and paint a layer of top coat over the entire nail.


VOILA festive nails!

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