DIY: Garters! (perfect for Halloween costumes)

DIY: Garters! (perfect for Halloween costumes)

Happy Halloween Eve! If you’re in a last minute need to add some sass to an obscenely short Halloween outfit, sock garters (or a belt) are a great accessory. Thigh highs have been my favorite things for the past 2 years but if you’re like me and have normal shaped legs, they tend to slip down the second you step out your door.

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for some garters:


-1 roll of 1cm wide black elastic

-4 garter clips

-black thread

*This tutorial can be modified to a belt instead of a sock garter for each leg. I actually made sock garters first and found that they didn’t stay up either. Leg muffin tops are the last thing I wanted, so I re-sewed the 4 straps onto one long elastic belt to be worn around my waist.

1. Cut your elastic strips into 6 separate pieces. The longer straps will be going around your thigh; the shorter straps will each hold a garter clip on the front and back of your leg.


2. As we all come in different sizes, the best way to measure out and cut your elastic is to wrap it around your leg until it fits snugly, then cut it an inch shorter. You want the elastic to be able to stretch in order to stay up. You might even want to measure the length of the garter straps against the thigh highs you’ll be wearing to make sure they’re at the right length. (*if you’re making a belt rather than sock garters, measure around your waist instead.)


3.Sew the circular thigh strap into a circle, making sure to reinforce a the ends. Turn the strap inside out so the seam is on the inside.


4. Fold and pin the two shorter straps over the circular strap. Sew across the ends, making sure they’re not sewed to the circle and that they slide freely to be re-positioned. Then sew the bottom of the straps in the same way. Slide on the garter clip.


5. Voila!


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