DIY Leather Hair Bow

DIY Leather Hair Bow

Good morning Chicago! I’d like to share a DIY today that’s one of the most simple projects: a homemade bow. I saw huge displays of colorful leather bows at American Apparel and State Street. Instead of adding one to my shopping bag, I passed them up with a vow to make one myself.

Bows are really easy because they’re only 2 pieces of fabric folded over. If you can fold a sheet, you can fold a bow. So to make this tutorial a little bit more tricky, I’m using leather. I picked up this lovely leftover of leather from the scrap bin at the Bristol Renaissance Faire for $3. Awesome bargain, isn’t it?


-leather (7in x 1 ½ in; 2in x ½ in)

-hot glue gun

-hair clip

*The dimensions I used aren’t law. You can make any size bow you want, from baby bow to Lady Gaga. Mine was a good medium size.

1. Gather your supplies and cut out the 2 strips of leather. Use sharp crafting scissors; leather is no joke. I happened to find an (ugly) old barrette in my closet, so I ripped the clip part off of it. I support re-fashioning fashion!

leather bow1

2. Fold the longer piece into a loop so that the two ends meet in the middle. I dabbed them together with a bit of hot glue just to make sure they were secure. Lay the smaller leather strip behind the bigger piece. That is the part that will eventually wrap around the middle to secure the bow in place.

leather bow2

3. Make 3 folds in the front of the strip by pinching the middle together. You want to form your bow in the shape that you want it before you glue it together. Once you’re satisfied with the shape, hot glue the smaller strip around the middle making sure the two ends overlap. Let dry for a few seconds, then glue your hair clip to the back of the bow.

leather bow3


leather bow4

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