Growing up as an only child in a family with a mom who was an awesome cook and an even better baker and a dad who was a foodie before the word became part of the national vocabulary, almost every day was a food adventure.

My dad didn't just bring home the bacon, he would bring home the best “marbleized” beef from the Chicago Stockyards. My mom would barely sear the 2-inch thick prime steaks that he had selected and turn them into a melt in your mouth ambrosia--sorry Gibson's, Gene & Georgetti's and Chicago Cut--I love your steaks but these were like none other.   CandlEgg
When I was a child my dad would take me to local farms where we would candle eggs—only selecting those with double or triple yolks to bring home. He brought home dandelion greens, kale and sunchokes and other unique foods to add a little spice to our lives.

We visited many of Chicago's ethnic and neighborhood restaurants and bars where we looked different than everyone else and try new foods.

CarolewineThese are my food roots. They continue to grow. As a journalist, I have written about many things, but my love of all things food remains at the forefront. With Chicago Eats, my intent is to explore the world of food, share what I know, love and continue to learn about food--and the food scene.

For me everyday is a food adventure--be it at a huge food emporium, a food festival, a Michelin-starred restaurant, the corner diner or my favorite ethnic market.

I hope you will join me as we dish on everything food. We look forward to hearing your food finds and suggestions.

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