Halo Top ice cream: Can ice cream that's good for you actually be good?

Halo Top ice cream: Can ice cream that's good for you actually be good?

Halo Top ice cream–”the better for you ice cream”–hit the market in 2012 as a low-calorie alternative to regular ice cream.

The brainchild of ex-lawyer Justin Woolworth and a $20 ice cream maker, the ice cream company started small but grew to be the number one selling ice cream in grocery stores across the United States by July 2017.

The ice cream brand became a favorite of celebrities including the Kardashians who praised it on social media.

In addition to its great flavor, a big part of the draw, is its low calorie count and healthy ingredients.

Whereas the Ben & Jerry’s of the world contain 1000+ calories in a pint, Halo Top runs around 300 calories per pint.

According to a recent press release from Halo Top: “The better-for-you ice cream just got better!”

It seems that Halo Top has made a change to their Dairy Light Ice Cream recipe, making it even creamier while still keeping the calorie count low. 

Halo Top is debuting its new recipe with a brand new flavor, Chocolate Cake Batter – a chocolaty cake batter light ice cream with colored sprinkles designed “to transport you back to your childhood kitchen–sneaking batter straight from the bowl.”

While Halo Top’s classic Birthday Cake has been a long-standing favorite for in their lineup of flavors, the new Chocolate Cake Batter invites chocolate lovers to enjoy all the flavor of their favorite cake in an even creamier 330 calories.

The new recipe promises all the flavor Halo Top old revipe with an increase in creaminess,” said Pete Gargula, Halo Top brand manager. The ingredients include ultrafiltered skim milk, low sugar and other high-quality ingredients.

Learn more about Halo Top’s at www.halotop.com

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