What are the most popular desserts in every state

What are the most popular desserts in every state
Boston Cream Pie in Boston. The custard-filled cake with chocolate frosting – now the official state dessert of Massachusetts – got its start at Parker’s Restaurant at Boston’s Omni Parker House in 1856.

Ahhhh dessert. When it comes to dessert everyone has a favorite be it mom’s Apple Pie or edible algae (yes it is a thing).

America’s love affair with deserts has a long history. It is part of our culture. In America desserts are named after cities. There’s Boston Cream Pie. There’s Philadelphia Cheesecake. There’s Lady Baltimore Cake and Baked Alaska to name a few. Then there’s the Bismark. Some may think is named after Bismarck, South Dakota. But they are only partly right. According to many, the Bismark is named after for Otto Von Bismarck–as is the city of Bismarck.

Desserts carry names of the famous, like Napoleon, and the not so famous, like Betty.What is a Betty, you ask? Or a Brown Betty? Charlotte takes the cake when it comes to desserts named after people. There’s Charlotte Cake, Charlotte Russe, Charlotte Corday, Apple Charlotte and Charlotte Royale Cake. Then there’s Little Debbie and her friends Sally Lunn and Johnnycakes.

Holiday’s set the stage for many desserts. What would Thanksgiving be without Pumpkin Pie. Cherry Pie is a good way to celebrate George Washington’s birthday. The Classic Yule Log is a tradition for for many at Christmastime. And what would Fat Tuesday be without the perfect paczki.

From pound cake to ice cream, dessert is one of the staples of American dinner tables everywhere.

As much as we all love dessert, everyone has their favorites (and least favorites), age-old go-to’s, and secret family recipes passed down through generations.

The team at Coventry set out to understand just that, looking at Google Trend data over the past year to uncover which dessert is the most popular in every US state.


Using a list of 40 popular desserts, they explored Google search trends over the last 12 months for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Here’s what they found.

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