NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer in a can

NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer in a can

The canned cocktail/hard seltzer market is exploding. But is it just a fad or is it the wave of the future?

The future is now

Although canned wine has been around for a long time, canned cocktails/hard seltzers really just started trending in the last few years and really exploded in 2021 with sales rising a whooping 42.2% for the year.


Unlike wines, cocktails/hard seltzers don’t need the same pomp and circumstance surrounding them. Wine, fine wine in particular, needs the drama, the staging, the right glasses, the sommelier and aging.

Whereas cocktails/hard seltzers are not so fussy. The can fits the profile– making its consumer’s lives easy, convenient and fun.

Plus hard seltzers are generally thought of as healthy–making them a big draw for today’s health conscious consumers.

There are numerous choices out there in the world of canned cocktails and hard seltzers – – some better than others.

A New Premium Vodka Seltzer

A new entry in the canned hard seltzer market is NÜTRL.

Introduced in 2021, NÜTRL is a product of the Anheuser Busch empire.

Best known for their beers, most notably, Budweiser and Bud Light, some may be surprised to learn that Anheuser Busch produces and sells more than 150 other beverages.

Their Beyond Beer roster includes hard seltzers, canned wines, canned cocktails, and more with NÜTRL their newest beverage.

What is NÜTRL

NÜTRL is a premium vodka seltzer made from three ingredients–vodka, seltzer and real juice. It is gluten free with no added sugar and only 100 calories in a can. It comes in four flavors all of which are refreshing and low alcohol.

Only 4.5 ABV.

The Vodka

The vodka itself is a premium spirit that’s been distilled over an abundance of copper in 24 foot high twin-copper ‘Carl’ stills from Germany–resulting in a small handcrafted, limited yield–offering a smooth, clean taste.

The Flavors

  • Nutrl Pineapple Vodka Seltzer 
  • Nutrl Raspberry Vodka Seltzer 
  • Nutrl Watermelon Vodka Seltzer 
  • Nutrl Mango Vodka Seltzer 

Each $15 per 6-pack / nutrlusa.com

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