Top Foods for Game Day & Super Bowl

Top Foods for Game Day & Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday will be a little different this year but one thing will not change.

Food, food and more food.

Game day gives fans an excuse to eat whatever they want. And, in most cases, that’s high-cal junk food.

According to DoorDash, Mozzarella Sticks are the top-ordered NFL game day food across their markets.

DoorDash has just released its first-ever, game day report detailing top food trends during the 2020-2021 NFL season.

comfortfooddeepdishsmall-deep-dish-pizza-1Nationwide, the top 20 has a few surprises like Flan at #20. Others like Pepperoni Pizza at 4 are no  surprise. Some of the favorites are regional foods like Fried Pickles at 5 and Philly Cheesesteak at 7.

Nationwide, Root Beer is #17. Other favorite beverages include Orange Soda, Arnold Palmer, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Fruit Punch and Limeade (DoorDash doesn’t offer beer).

DoorDash’s state by state breakdown features the expected along with the unexpected.

Not too surprising, Sweet Tea came in #2 in Alabama. Louisiana was true to form with Gumbo & Beignets in their top 5.

Illinois’ #1 choice is the Chicago Dog with Brussel Sprouts coming in #10.

Texas Toast is #1 in Arkansas but not in the Lone Star State  where Texans’ numero uno choice is Fried Avocados.

marianos39marokisushiheader-1California Rolls are #1 in North Carolina but fall to #2 in California.

Lobster Rolls are in the top 10 in New Jersey and Rhode Island but no where to be found in Maine’s list of favs which includes Pretzels and Beer Dip (1), Fried Chicken Sandwich (2) and Garlic Knots (3).

Cheese Curds are #1 in Iowa and Minnesota and #10 in Alaska but are MIA in the Cheesehead state of Wisconsin.

Idaho, the state famous for its namesake Idaho Potatoes puts Buttered Noodles ahead of Potato Wedges in their top 10 on Game Day.

Another surprise, Green Beans. Leave it to Californians to elevate the lowly bean to #5. And they aren’t alone, Green Beans came in #9 in North Carolina.

Top 20 Game Day Eats Nationwide

  1. Mozzarella Sticks
  2. Boneless Wings
  3. Chips & Salsa
  4. Caesar Salad
  5. Pepperoni Pizza
  6. Fried Pickles
  7. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  8. Philly Cheesesteak
  9. Egg Rolls
  10. Curly Fries
  11. Cole Slaw
  12. Churros
  13. Jalapeño Cheddar Bites
  14. Sweet Tea
  15. Taco Salad
  16. Chili Cheese Dogs
  17. Root Beer
  18. Chicken Pot Pie
  19. Salmon
  20. Flan

Visit Game Day Eats Report for the full report.

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