Think the Chicago Bears are in the soup? Here's the perfect gag gift

Think the Chicago Bears are in the soup? Here's the perfect gag gift

So the Chicago Bears did it again yesterday (they lost 20-10 to the Detroit Lions) bringing their season record to a depressing 4 and 10.

A nice way to put it is the team is “in the soup”–an idiom meaning they are in deep doo-doo.

The only good thing about the day for fans was that it was warm and sunny. Fans would have been better off doing their holiday shopping.

Speaking of holiday shopping, if you are at a loss, just like the Bears, as to what holiday gifts to get your friends and family who may or may not hold out hope for the not so lovable losers, Campbell’s Soup has come to the  proverbial rescue.

They have just launched their special winter promotion: Campbell’s Chunky Classic Chicken Noodle Soup in collector cans (pictured at top of post) to celebrate NFL’s “Souper Fans“–Campbell’s words not mine.

For $2.49 a can you can provide your friends and family with the perfect stocking stuffer or warm liquid for their thermos as they sit in what’s predicted to be a very cold Soldier Field when the Bears face the Browns on Christmas Eve.

This is Campbell’s 20th season offering the NFL cans. Locally you can find them at Jewel and Roundy’s. The Bears are one of the four NFL teams with the logo cans. Others are: Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers.

A nice touch, especially for those into the Packer/Bear rivalry, might be to buy two cans–one of each and display them side by side. 

Or you may want to put them aside for the losers at your “Souper” Bowl party in February.

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