Frühschoppen: Dovetail Brewery taps into a fun Sunday morning tradition

Frühschoppen: Dovetail Brewery taps into a fun Sunday morning tradition

How about a beer with your bacon and eggs or better yet, how about a beer with handmade German sausage as a side? 

North Center’s Dovetail Brewery is tapping into the German celebration called Frühschoppen.

The tradition, popular both in Germany and Austria, involves a gathering of friends who come together before noon, usually on a Sunday, to enjoy a beer (or two) at a pub or tavern.  

Although specific customs vary from region to region that is the general idea of the celebration.

Dovetail Brewery, a craft brewery that opened last May in the Ravenswood corridor, is owned by master brewers Hagen Dost and Bill Wesselink.

Their beer is brewed using traditional German and Belgian brewing methods that the pair learned at the famed Doemens Akademie in Munich.

This Sunday, October 23, the Brewery will host their second Frühschoppen in their taproom at 1800 W. Belle Plaine (North Ravenswood Avenue) from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. More Sunday morning gatherings are on tap for the future.

On the sausage menu for Sunday morning are König’s Blaue Zipfel, a traditional Franconian dish of Nürnberger sausages & onions and Currywurst, a curry seasoned pork sausage in a tangy currywurst sauce provided by Sausage König.

dovetail222222Beers on tap include: Lager, Dunkelweizen (a winter version of Hefeweizen that is darker in color, with chocolate tones in addition to Hefeweizen’s clove and banana), Rauchweizen (a dark, smoky Hefeweizen), and Grodziskie, a classic Polish Beer. 

They can be purchased for $5 for .3 liters ($5) or $7 for .5 liters.

Click here for more information about Dovetail Brewery.

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