Chicago Eats: A new food blog

Chicago Eats: A new food blog

There’s no arguing that Chicago is a world class food city with over 4,700 restaurants, 35 major food festivals and the James Beard awards.

Chicago also has 77 community areas consisting of more than 100 neighborhoods–many serving ethnic cuisine. A trip to Chicago can literally be a trip around the food world, sans the airfare.

Along with ethnic neighborhoods, come ethnic food markets with ethnic ingredients. For example, did you know that Chicago has the greatest variety of fresh masa (corn product from which tortillas are made) not only in the U.S., but in the world?

Chicago’s food history is legendary–from the first brownie and Cracker Jacks at the the 1893 Columbian Exposition to the Twinkie debut in 1930 and Ike Sewell’s deep dish pizza in the 1940’s.

With 21 Chicago restaurants earning Michelin stars in 2015 including Alinea, Grace and Sixteen–names known around the world–Chicago is a proven winner in the culinary world. In addition we have our beloved hot dog stands, food trucks, tamale joints–and to what may be surprising to some–outstanding BBQ.

“Chicago Eats,” a new food blog, will be covering all this and a lot more–from food trends, the best of, and national food days along with wine and spirits.

“Chicago Eats” debuts tomorrow with a review of “For Grace”–the introspective story of Chicago’s amazing chef and owner of the 3 Michelin starred Grace Restaurant, Curtis Duffy. The film is directed by Chicagoans Kevin Pang and Mark Helenowski.

We look forward to your ideas, comments, and suggestions and hope that you will enjoy “Chicago Eats.”

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