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Sallon Fallon Vs. Mimi Kirk

From the looks of this photo one would think Mimi Kirk would be the "winner" here but I believe its a matter of choosing the right paleo diet.
I noticed this photo rising in popularity among my healthy “friends” on Facebook. Whenever I buy a nutrition book I take a long hard look at the author. If the diet works then the author should look amazing, right? For those not in the “know” let me give you a little 411 on Sally Fallon... Read more »

Raw at The French Market

Several of my friends have informed me that raw food can indeed be procured downtown near the Metra Ogilvie station. I was in disbelief until I checked it out for myself. The French Market is located at 131 N. Clinton. It’s open Monday through Saturday year round. The aptly named Raw is located toward the... Read more »

10 Diets Tips That Work For Nearly Everyone

In contrast to last week’s post [True Confessions: I Have Testimonial Greed](http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-eats-allergy-free/2010/06/true-confessions-i-have-testimonial-greed.html) where I expressed the envy that I feel for others seemingly easy before’s and after’s. There are some easily forgotten common truths that work for just about everyone. Yoga may not burn as many calories as running or other activities but it’s great... Read more »

Raw and Superfood Easter Essentials from Sunfood

If you prefer to not give healthy eating a holiday, then Sunfood has some raw foods, superfoods and recipes for you to try this Easter. On Easter morning while some are Easter egg hunting you could be blending this delicious superfood smoothie.  Berry Vanilla Smoothie Recipe 1tsp Maqui 1/2 tsp Camu Camu 1/2 cup Frozen... Read more »

Raw Chocolate for Valentine's Day from Sunfood

Raw cacao is the purest form of chocolate. All chocolate comes from the cacao fruit, which grows on jungle trees. Raw Cacao is a superfood filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to give your body strength and fight free radicals. Raw cacao is also dairy and gluten free. Women instinctively crave chocolate because we need... Read more »

Why I'm an Accidental Raw Foodist

Being that I can’t eat soy, wheat, or dairy I find I just don’t like veggies without a little somethin’ somethin’. Raw food cuisine provides a lot of tasty alternatives for those of us with food allergies. Here’s a photo gallery featuring some of the top raw foodists that want to inspire us to eat... Read more »