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Naked Pizza!

Naked Pizza!
I heard about Naked Pizza coming to Chicago via Twitter. If you are not familiar Naked Pizza is a franchise that carries all-natural “za” that is naked of the following: added sugars, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones or crazy unpronounceable chemicals. The dough is made from what they call an Ancestral Blend of 10 grains plus¬†prebiotic agave... Read more »

The Perfect Lunch!

The Perfect Lunch!
This recipe works great with gluten free soba noodles or any gluten free noodles for that matter. What’s great about is that you can customize it, add protein, more veggies or spices. I suggest making it as a side dish with dinner and then packing it for lunch the next day. It’s also perfect to... Read more »

Allergy Free Holiday Favorites

Keeping Christmas dinner allergy free can be a real challenge but Honey Baked Hams are helping out, here’s their message according to their website: We have reformulated our glaze to be considered free of allergens. This means our hams and turkey breasts DO NOT contain glutens. Many of my readers have peanut allergies. Cross contamination is... Read more »

The Emotional Side of Food Allergies

This is an exceptionally difficult time of year if you have food allergies. There may be holiday favorites that you miss. It’s especially challenging if you have multiple allergies. Here’s how to cope, emotion by emotion. Disappointed: Focus on what you can eat v. what you cannot. Even if your list of allergens is somewhat... Read more »

Play with Food: I'm No Competitive Eater

If you are doing some holiday shopping downtown please check out Chicago Downtown Farmstand near Randolph and Michigan. Santa likes localvores and they have Nicole’s Gluten-Free crackers and vegan cookies from Tiny Cakes. Sometimes having food allergies can lead to deficiencies. World’s Best Foods is a great resource for recipes as well as finding info... Read more »

The Bread Blog

Whenever I mention my food allergies I always hear the same thing (more like a lament): “What about bread? OMG no bread. I’d die without bread.” I try to get my carbs from veggies but occasionally I will purchase brown rice bread from Trader Joe’s or their Gluten Free French Rolls. I was less impressed... Read more »

Confessional: I Heart My Dehydrator

From time to time I’d like to blog what I call a “confessional”. I see no better way to purify my soul than to expose really embarrassing details about my life to the many people reading this blog. I confess I heart my dehydrator and I’m addicted to using it. I bought an Excalibur MacDaddy... Read more »

FA Holiday Gift Extravaganza

I’m keeping it safe and jolly for Black Monday therefore I’m thinking like Oprah. If Oprah had food allergies and listed her “favorite things” this year it would probably resemble this one. Whether you are young or old, gluten-free or lactose intolerant, may you find inner digestive peace this holiday season.  Beyond a Peanut has created... Read more »

Play with Food: One Fab Grandma, FAAN's New Look and more

Upon my “research” for gluten-free holiday offerings I came across an excellent blog called Fab Grandma. As she puts it, “This is my story of living a gluten-free life in an RV”. Fab Grandma and her husband sold their house and most of their stuff to hit the road via trailer. Rock on Grandma! Her... Read more »

Thanksgiving Tips for Eating Out

My family is eating out this year and I face the challenge of figuring out what the *&%# am I going to eat? I’m not just gluten or simply dairy free but my Thanksgiving dinner needs to be free of eggs, soy, kidney beans, yeast, and oysters and of also wheat and dairy.  If you... Read more »