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"Food" or Art? You be the Judge

In addition to blogging, I am also a visual artist. There are some artists who have worked with food as a medium such as Janine Antoni, who created busts in chocolate and lard. Her technique is chisel these materials with her mouth. I remember making macaroni art as a Girl Scout. I think there are... Read more »

My Review of Organic Excellence Products

I could also title this blog How to Manage That F*$@ing PMS. You are probably wondering why a food allergy blog is taking on a product review of this nature. All these products are gluten free and like your mouth, your skin also “eats”. Some individuals with food allergies are also very sensitive to chemicals... Read more »

Evolve Kefir Comes to Chicago

Evolve is a “probiotic smoothie” from NYC based Mountainside Farms (New York’s premier dairy supplier, family-owned Mountainside Farms, ) and it’s now available at many Chicago Jewel stores.  Kefir means “feel good” in Turkish. Will you “feel good” drinking kefir? That depends. Kefir is not dairy free, but some individuals who do not experience anaphylaxis... Read more »

Dear Patricia: I Miss Bread

Dear Patricia:  I recently had my food allergies tested and I’m allergic to wheat. I love bread. I miss it so. I miss sandwiches, toast—–French toast, not to mention foods that you wouldn’t think have bread in them like meatloaf that’s coated with bread crumbs. What am I going to do now? Can you help... Read more »

The Crazy Things the Non-allergic Say

Maybe you’ve heard some of these: “You can’t eat anything can you?”“Well can’t you just have a little?”“Oh My God I’d just die if I couldn’t eat ice cream (or cheese, etc.)” Well, here’s some of the delicious foods we can eat: Arghhh. I’m getting all feisty just writing this. I do believe that the... Read more »

Play with Food: Creating a Healthy Relationship With Food

One of my Twitter buddies (Tweeps as they say) made me aware of the author Geneen Roth who has written the popular books Women Food and God and When Food is Love. She is in town this weekend for a workshop. Roth is astoundingly wise on this topic. This is one of her quotes via her... Read more »

Raw and Superfood Easter Essentials from Sunfood

If you prefer to not give healthy eating a holiday, then Sunfood has some raw foods, superfoods and recipes for you to try this Easter. On Easter morning while some are Easter egg hunting you could be blending this delicious superfood smoothie.  Berry Vanilla Smoothie Recipe 1tsp Maqui 1/2 tsp Camu Camu 1/2 cup Frozen... Read more »

Play with Food: Spring Holidays and More

There is no reason that allergic kiddies can’t partake in all the Easter basket goodness. has provided quite an extensive list of gluten free candy. Of course if you have allergies such as peanut, dairy or soy will need to further investigate. While I’m still on my sugar free regime, I won’t judge you... Read more »

St. Patrick's Day Drinking the Allergy Free Way

As a person of Irish heritage I love all the attention St. Patrick’s Day gets in Chicago. I love the color green and hearing the sound of bagpipes from the Irish bar a few blocks away from where I live. If you choose to imbibe I have some allergy free options for your drinking pleasure... Read more »

Some of My Favorite Trader Joe's Products

When it comes to Trader Joe’s I’m a Super Fan but I’ll have you know I restrain myself with wearing war paint when I shop. I love that I can buy high quality healthy food at reasonable prices. I often purchase nuts (one of the few allergies I don’t have), meats, fish, produce, supplements, wine,... Read more »